Bushcare's Major Day Out

Bushcare’s Major Day Out

Celebrating a day to restore and maintain

Australia’s remaining bushland.

Held annually in spring, Bushcare’s Major Day Out (BMDO) is a national day of community participation to restore remnant bushland. BMDO is a day designed to give every one of us the opportunity to find out more about our bushland. What is being done? What can be done in the bush where we live, so that it thrives?

It’s a fun day where anyone can get involved and learn alongside experts. BMDO activities can include weed removal, tree planting, mulching or even follow up maintenance on sites where rehabilitation has already begun. BMDO events are also a fantastic opportunity for sharing knowledge and expertise through activities like bird watching, plant identification workshops and species monitoring. Come along, and bring a friend!

The next BMDO will take place on Sunday September 16 2018

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If a different date around the same time suits your group better, please still get involved. Local councils, land owners and community groups are encouraged to host an event at a locally important site.

In 2017, Bushcare’s Major Day Out merged with Conservation Volunteers Australia. By combining Bushcare’s leagues of dedicated volunteers with our network of 25 offices and over 350 staff, we are mobilising communities to roll up their sleeves and take part in caring for their local, urban and regional bushlands, wetlands and parks.

Established in 2009, BMDO has seen thousands of dedicated volunteers take part in restoring and maintaining local bushland, even a former Prime Minister! Media personality Costa Georgiadis is the Patron of BMDO. Costa is a strong supporter of the environment and bushcare in particular, and we are honoured to have him as Patron of this event. You can find out more about the history of BMDO in the short film below:


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