Aon employees at Bayside State College, Brisbane

Aon employees head outdoors to make a difference to their local environment

On 7 June 2017 Conservation Volunteers Australia hosted the Aon Charitable Foundation’s Global Service Day, a company-wide initiative where employees in more than 40 countries volunteered their time and efforts to support over 170 charity partners in their communities.

Celebrating their commitment to empowering economic and human possibility, Aon Australia used their Global Service Day to highlight the ways in which the Aon Charitable Foundation gives back to the community throughout the year.

Aon is a supporter of Conservation Volunteers Australia’s Wild Futures program and Aon employees volunteered in a number of locations to support threatened species conservation as part of their Global Service Day.

Aon employees volunteered at Patawalonga Creek, Adelaide, undertaking revegetation of the site and at Lower Field River in Adelaide, volunteers assisted in the restoration of coastal biodiversity by planting seedlings. At Bradleys Head in Sydney, volunteers undertook critical habitat rehabilitation, as well as enhanced and extended existing areas for Red-crowned Toadlets, improving their chances of breeding success and providing safe and healthy habitat to avoid predators and pollution.

At Woodlands Historic Park in Melbourne, volunteer activities included monitoring and repair of the perimeter predator proof fence, the site of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot Recovery program. In Brisbane, at Bayside State College, Aon volunteers planted the endangered Richmond Birdwing Butterfly’s food plant, Pararistolochia praevenosa or Richmond Birdwing Vine. This action will help to conserve the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly by creating a habitat pocket for the isolated butterfly populations. At Alfred Cove Nature Reserve in Perth, volunteers planted saplings and removed invasive weeds to increase the habitat of the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo’s, which is being encroached upon by increasing urban development and has been degraded in many areas due to recreational activities and historical use of the area as a waste depository.


Aon employees volunteering at Bradleys Head, Sydney

“It was great to be outdoors, get in touch with nature and learn about the Bradley’s Head area and the importance of conservation. The views aren’t bad either.” Julianna Tang, Aon Employee, Sydney

“The volunteering opportunity was great. It opened your eyes to nature and the importance of conservation work.” Michael Green, Aon employee, Sydney

The Aon Charitable Foundation has been a Wild Futures partner since 2009 and it is through support from organisations such as the Aon Charitable Foundation, that Conservation Volunteers Australia is able to continue our vital environmental and wildlife conservation projects.

If your organisation would like to explore opportunities to partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia, please contact our partnership team.