Stockland employees at Hermitage Foreshore, Sydney

Stockland employees engage in critical conservation work

Stockland have been a Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) partner since 2015 enabling employees to make meaningful social and environmental contributions to the communities in which they operate. Stockland owns, manages and develops shopping centres, residential and retirement living communities, office and industrial properties across Australia. Stockland’s support of CVA forms part of their long-term commitment to sustainable living and delivering positive social outcomes for the communities.

In 2016-17, Stockland employees participated in a number of critical environmental activities including:

CVA- Stocklands-17

Stockland employee volunteering at Hermitage Foreshore, Sydney

Later this year Stockland employees will also undertake bush regeneration activities at Centennial Park, Sydney to restore habitat for a variety of species, including breeding waterbirds and a sizeable population of flying foxes.

Stockland employees enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the office and give back to their local environment.

“It was good physical activity, a good educational experience and great to do conservation work.”

“Great to provide help to maintain the harbour foreshore and it was a healthy way to improve our environment”

In addition to supporting key conservation work, Stockland have also provided valuable in kind support to CVA. In October 2016, CVA employees attended a Stockland workshop on “Social Impact Measurement and Community Partnerships”, with a focus on shared value and a model of employee led social impact.

Stockland have also made available, through their partnership with the Association for Driven-Data Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), a series of courses for CVA employees. The initiative aims to provide development opportunities that would not normally be accessible to not-for-profit groups. In turn, this supports ADMA’s vision of giving back to the industry and the community. These courses have enabled CVA employees to gain valuable skills in creative writing, content marketing and digital media and marketing.

If your organisation would like to explore opportunities to partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia, please contact our partnership team.