Wilsons River Koala

Restoring Wilson’s River Koala Habitat

Conservation Volunteers Australia is delivering an Australian Government 20 Million Trees project to revegetate over 5 hectares of Koala habitat adjacent to the Wilson’s River near Lismore, NSW.

Koalas are listed as nationally vulnerable due primarily to the loss and fragmentation of habitat. Small habitat remnants in the project area currently support a fragmented Koala population, leaving individuals at risk of predation, isolation and displacement. This project will restore a strategic habitat corridor throughout the landscape which will enhance habitat connectivity for the Koala population whilst improving the riparian corridor of the Wilson’s River.

This project will create an additional 5.5 ha of Koala habitat and restore connectivity over 29 ha of remnant habitat in total, greatly increasing the cohesion and viability of the Koala population at the site. A total of 5000 native trees will be planted with a high proportion of Koala food and habitat trees.

This project will work closely with Friends of the Koala along with Green Army on-ground works teams and local landholders. The outcomes are also a significant contribution to the Lismore Koala Plan which identifies the target Koala population as one of the most significant on NSW north coast.

To find out how you can get involved, contact our Ballina office.

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This project is supported by the Australian Government’s 20 Million Trees Programme (part of the National Landcare Programme) and the Australian Government Department of Environment’s Green Army Programme.

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