Can Do Campers

Can Do Campers

The Can Do Campers Program is a partnership between Conservation Volunteers Australia and North Coast Holiday Parks, and aims to support Park managers to run their own guest environmental activities to educate park users and local residents about the ecological importance of their local environment and the main environmental issues affecting it.

Visitors to NSW holiday parks are usually drawn to them for their natural beauty, however few of them understand their impact on that local environment. Nor do they realise some of the intricate environmental values they are observing, for example rare species or endangered communities. This project provides an avenue for Holiday Park Managers to become the font of this knowledge and to be able to share that with their visitors through a repeatable and hands-on activity program. Park Managers will be able to deliver this environmental program, passing their knowledge to hundreds, even thousands of visitors each year.

Visitors are usually unaware of the level of care and management required to keep the natural beauty of the location they love to visit intact. To support this notion, at our pilot site, the Red Rock Reserve and Holiday Park, the local Coffs Harbour Tourism Association has also identified a clear need for a connection to be forged between the holiday makers attracted by its natural values, the threats currently facing the environment and contributions that visitors can make towards addressing them.

Increasingly holiday-makers are looking for new and rewarding activities as part of their plans. This project allows some of the management needs of the area to be met by its users – the visitors, through structured and enjoyable activities that add to their holiday experience and allow visitors to ‘give back’ to their holiday environment.

Two activity booklets have been developed as part of the Can Do Campers program: the Can Do Campers Activity Booklet, which contains a series of guided and self-directed environmental activities that can be undertaken by Park guests and managers, and a Nature Trail and Bush Tucker Guide.

The booklets can be downloaded below.  

If you are a Park Manager and would like more information about running a Can Do Campers Program at your Park, and/or copies of worksheets and activity guides, please contact our Ballina office.

Click here to download the Can Do Campers Activity Safety & Ethics Sheet

Click here to download the Can Do Campers Activity Booklet

Can Do Campers Activity Booklet cover

Click here to download the Nature Trail and Bush Tucker Plant Guide

CD Campers Nature Trail & Bush Tucker Guide Book cover

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