2016-03-10 09_27_49-Run Melbourne 2015 was a huge success for raising monies for our little - Micros

Band Together For Bandicoots

2016-03-10 09_28_33-Run Melbourne 2015 was a huge success for raising monies for our little - MicrosCome on and join the band!

Run Melbourne 2016 is here with six events to satisfy all levels of activity.  On July 24th 2016, join us at Run Melbourne for a perfect day out, to enjoy the amazing atmosphere, and run to raise money for Conservation Volunteers Australia’s Eastern Barred Bandicoot program at Woodlands Historic Park, Melbourne.

OUR GOAL = $10,000

Run Melbourne 2015 was a huge success for raising money for our little ‘coots’ in need.

Bandicoot monitoring at Woodlands Historic Park, Victoria, July 2015

Bandicoot monitoring at Woodlands Historic Park, Victoria, July 2015

Did you know that the Eastern Barred Bandicoot is considered extinct in the wild? The tireless work of our Project Officer Travis and our many volunteers at Woodlands Historic Park has seen amazing success. Funds raised in 2015 have gone towards the purchase of a new scanner and much needed microchips for the growing population. These new microchips have been implanted in the many new babies that are being born, in this safe ‘predator-proof’ environment.

As the program grows, we desperately need to purchase more scanners and microchips. By the end of 2016 we hope to be able to relocate some of the Eastern Barred Bandicoots back to Hamilton – where the last remaining 19 animals in the wild were found. So please – BAND TOGETHER FOR BANDICOOTS – and be part of this amazing story of survival.

You can ‘Band Together for Bandicoots’ by joining Team CVA as a team member or donating towards any of our team members as they do the ‘hard yards’.

As a team member you can participate in any of the Run Melbourne events, including:

  • The Half Marathon (21.1km)
  • 10km Run Adult
  • 10km Run U/18
  • 5km Run/Walk Adult
  • 5km Run/Walk U/18
  • 3km Kids U/15

Child is classified as 4 to 17 years of age (as of Sunday, 24 July 2016).  Children under 4 are free but must complete the registration.

How Do I Join?

STEP 1: Register online with Run Melbourne in the event you wish to participate in.

STEP 2: Join Team CVA, complete your details and start fundraising.

STEP 3: Share your details with your friends, family and work colleagues, asking for their support.

STEP 4: Keep updated with reminders and releases from CVA on reaching the Fundraising Target for 2016.

STEP 5: Set up yourself with a training routine that suits your participation requirements.

STEP 6: Smile… You are helping to re-establish a species considered EXTINCT in the wild.

So, Running’s ‘Not Your Thing’?

What’s a band without supporters? Why not show your support by donating towards members of Team CVA.

STEP 1: Visit Team CVA online, and scroll through our team members.  Some of these courageous participants are gearing up for a 21.1km run, with a bright and early start of 7am. Why not show your support to both our members and the bandicoots, and donate towards their fundraising target?

STEP 2: Select a team member and confirm your pledge online.  Why not also share some words of support?

STEP 3: Complete all the details required to receive your tax deductable receipt.  Yes, all donations above $2 are tax deductable, and, if given before 31 June, 2016, can even be claimed this financial year.

STEP 4: Follow Team CVA as they Band Together for Bandicoots.

What Level Will You Aim For?

Conservation Volunteers Australia has some awesome tiered incentives for 2016.  As you fundraise and pass each milestone, you will be rewarded with some exciting thank you prizes.

  • Level 1: Raise $200 by June 23rd and receive a free Conservation Volunteers Australia running shirt
  • Level 2: Raise $500 by July 30th and receive a free Conservation Volunteers Australia hoodie
  • Level 3: Raise $1,000 by July 30th and receive a special “behind the scenes” invitation to Woodlands Historic Park. (This experience is not available to the general public.)

What are you waiting for?  Join the Band Now!

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