Students from Alligator Creek State School and local volunteers celebrating their achievements at Hay Point, Queensland

BMA Hay Point Foreshore Revegetation Project will continue for another year

BMA logoConservation Volunteers Australia and BMA Hay Point Services are pleased to announce the extension of the partnership, committing to an eighth year.

Hay Point Foreshore Revegetation Project

Hay Point Foreshore is a stretch of quiet, sandy beach and luxuriant vegetation overlooking the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea. It is also critically endangered ‘beach scrub’ habitat, a remnant of vine forests on coastal sands which once stretched along the Mackay region’s coastline. In 2005 it was overrun by weeds such as lantana and guinea grass. There was also accumulated rubbish from storms and limited beach access for locals to enjoy the surrounds.

The aim of the program is to engage the local community in environmental management activities at Hay Point and the surrounding area. The program involves practical conservation activities aimed at enhancing the environmental values of the Hay Point foreshore through native vegetation rehabilitation. The Alligator Creek Primary School is regularly engaged in plant propagation in the school’s nursery. Some of the sites assisted through this program have included Hay Point Foreshore, Alligator Creek State School, Louisa Creek Reserve, Plane Creek, the Land to Sea Bund, the EnviroBund and the Sarina Community Native Gardens.

In more than 7 years and with the help of over 1,500 volunteers we have achieved:

  • Removal of 285,065 m2 of invasive vegetation
  • Planting of 5,000 trees
  • Collection of 4,500 kg of rubbish
  • Construction of a walking track
  • Collection of 100 kg of native seed

To find out more check out the YouTube story on the Hay Point Foreshore Revegetation Project.

An essential part of the project is involving a local school in the on ground activities and embedding environmental projects into the classroom. In partnership with Alligator Creek State School and BMA Hay Point Services, Conservation Volunteers Australia also helps in the management and maintenance of the school nursery. Our volunteers regularly visit the school to help with activities such as seed collection from Hay Point, sowing seeds, potting up seedlings, weeding the nursery and maintaining the sprinkler systems. Trees from this nursery are purpose-grown by volunteers and school children to plant back into endangered beach scrub habitat – like that of Hay Point.

Our nursery volunteers and school children have contributed thousands of trees to the site, and we currently have nearly four generations of trees in their new home at Hay Point!

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