Tata Consultancy Services planting near Bendigo, Victoria

Tata Consultancy Services joins Conservation Volunteers Australia to support local conservation projects

Tata Consultancy LogoTata Consultancy Services (TSC) and Conservation Volunteers Australia have partnered for a one year program to enable their employees and clients to make meaningful social and environmental contributions to those communities within which they operate.

Tata Consultancy Services are a global leader in IT Services, consulting and business solutions.

The employee engagement program will deliver a series of events across QLD, VIC, WA, NSW and Auckland NZ throughout the year.

Tata Consultancy Services team planting trees to restore farmland near Bendigo, Victoria

Tata Consultancy Services team planting trees to restore farmland near Bendigo, Victoria

Tata Consultancy Services will support key projects such as:

  • Restoring habitat for the Red-crowned toadlet at Bradleys Head, within Sydney Harbour National Park. The National Park also contains some of the best examples of coastal vegetation communities
  • The Eastern Barred Bandicoot Program at Woodlands Historic Park in Greenvale. Volunteers may assist with a range of activities including monitoring and maintaining the perimeter fence to keep the area free from foxes and cats, controlling weeds and planting native grasses for the bandicoots to call home.
  • Restoring areas of the Campaspe River, near Bendigo, which contains several threatened vegetation communities and provides habitat for a range of species including the threatened Swift Parrot and Squirrel Glider. Volunteers will assist on this major tree planting program which will help to improve both riparian vegetation and the overall health of the ecosystem.
  • Supporting bushfire recovery activities in Adelaide. Volunteers will be helping a local landowner recover from the devastating bush fire by assisting in activities which may include rebuilding burnt infrastructure, restoring the scorched gardens or planting areas to help restore habitat and revegetate the region.
  • Maintaining part of the Beeliar Regional Park, Bibra Lake, an iconic park within the Perth City of Cockburn. It features a semi-permanent wetland and is recognised as a wetland of international significance that supports migratory birds including the Australasian Shoveler and provides habitat for the Carnaby’s Cockatoo.
  • The Tyamolum Scout Camp is located in Mount Crosby and sits on Kholo Creek Moggill Bushland Park and adjacent to the beautiful D’Aguilar National Park. This unique area is home to Eucalyptus stands, remnant patches of rainforest and many threatened bird and animal species. The project will assist with the protection of these more vulnerable species.

If your company would like to explore opportunities to partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia, please contact our partnership team.