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Are you aged between 17 and 24, an Australian citizen or permanent resident and would like to be a part of a team that will make a real difference to the environment in your local community?

Would you like to be paid an allowance while gaining skills, training and experience that can help you enter the workforce, improve your career opportunities or further your education and training?

The Green Army is an Australian Government initiative open to young people including Indigenous Australians, school leavers, gap year students, graduates and job seekers who are looking for employment to develop skills, undertake training and gain experience in the delivery of conservation.

The Green Army provides all the tools, PPE and training required for each Project. Local transport to the project site is also provided to Green Army participants.

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Green Army Projects – Victoria

To apply for a position on Green Army please submit an application by selecting your preferred project below. It is only necessary to submit one application to participate in a Green Army project. If your application is successful, we will endeavour to place you on your preferred project, subject to availability.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding a Green Army project before applying, please contact your local office.

Project ID: E1601X710360

Anticipated Start Date: 29/05/2017

This Green Army project located in the Ballarat electorate will conduct a range of environmental works to support a number vulnerable and critically endangered EPBC listed species. Works will take place the regions of Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh, Hepburn Springs, Creswick, Clunes, Trentham and Bullarto.
Work objectives include:
– Rejuvenate local creeks, rivers and waterways to improve water quality including habitat of the Growling Grass Frog;
– Remove invasive species and revegetate areas to protect and enhance habitat areas of the Powerful Owl, Swift Parrot and other threatened species;
– Protect threatened native vegetation; including the Rocky Chenopod;
– Erosion management control through trail construction and maintenance.

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Project ID: E16108710378

Anticipated Start Date: 29/05/2017

The Green Army team will work to improve the extent, condition and connectivity of vegetation across the electorate of Scullin. The project will attempt to apply a whole of cycle habitat restoration approach that allows Green Army participants the skills and experience of working in the NRM industry.  Seasonally appropriate habitat restoration and regeneration techniques will be applied across varied sites providing a diverse skills focused training program.  Participants will work with a range of units and service providers at the City of Whittlesea who will act as major and minor/supporting stakeholders to provide the breadth of exposure to a diversity of workplace activities and roles.

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Project ID: E1629X710408

Anticipated Start Date: 29/05/2017

The project aims to restore half of ‘The Back Paddock’ at Woodlands for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot (EBB).  Activities will include reducing rabbit grazing pressure by mapping and removing small warrens and herbaceous weed control.  In turn this links directly to increasing the population of critically endangered EBB which currently uses the predator proof fenced enclosure as a sanctuary.  An exclusion plot will be erected to monitor native grasslands.  Fence monitoring and maintenance along with pest surveys will assist in predator management controlling the chance of fox/cat breach into the enclosure.  EBB monitoring surveys will check for population growth and health.

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Project ID: E16113710384

Anticipated Start Date: 22/05/2017

Continue to support environmental activities in Hamilton to improve habitat areas; – Restore habitat for threatened species, including the Eastern Barred Bandicoot; and – Protect Hamilton¡¯s local environment through new predator-proof fencing, control of pest animals and monitoring of local fauna.

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Project ID: A0000012054G

Anticipated Start Date: 27/03/2017

Green Army Teams will undertake works on the Warburton Trail asset that is managed for ecological, cultural and passive recreational activities.
This project will:
-protect the natural and cultural heritage values of the
Warburton Trail; and
-play a vital role in increasing the quality of experience for 100,000+ trail users per annum and neighbouring local communities.
The Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail is a major
recreation and tourism attraction within the municipality.
The 40kilometre long trail extends from Lilydale to

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Project ID: E1631X710341

Anticipated Start Date: 03/07/2017

This project will provide participants with the opportunity to engage in natural restoration. The group will undertake works on a variety of reserve assets that are managed for ecological, cultural and passive recreational activities in the Yarra Valley.

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Project ID: E1636X710413

Anticipated Start Date: 01/05/2017

The Queenscliff Foreshore project will: – Rejuvenate the Swan Bay Ramsar area, remove invasive species and rehabilitate coastal wetlands – Help protect threatened species habitat including the Hooded Plover and Orange Bellied Parrot – Improve heritage values and support environmental restoration of the Queenscliff Foreshore.

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Project ID: E1637X710340

Anticipated Start Date: 10/07/2017

The objective of the project is to utilize Green Army participants to conserve and enhance the highly significant remnant indigenous vegetation present within Loughies Bushland and B.J Hubbards Reserve,Ringwood North. The Green Army participants will learn and develop valuable skills and knowledge in conservation strategies while participating in the project which will greatly increase their prospects in gaining future employment.

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Project ID: E1648X710424

Anticipated Start Date: 29/05/2017

The project will focus on restoring and rehabilitating the habitat for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot on Churchill Island and preparation of other areas on Phillip Island for their future release. The Green Army participants will assist with the protection and enhancement of the current Eastern Barred Bandicoot habitat as per the following projects:
1. Churchill Island – enhance and improve extent of vegetation
2. Summerland Peninsula – prepare new site for future release though weed control and re-vegetation
3. Cape Woolamai – prepare new site for possible future release though weed control and re-vegetation
4. San Remo Foreshore Committee – assist with weed control, re-vegetation and track maintenance.

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Project ID: E156XX710300

Anticipated Start Date: 5/06/2017

Mount Holden stands large over the township of Sunbury. An extinct volcano, the site supports limited native vegetation and harbours some weeds, but also presents as an opportunity for creating significant habitat for small woodland birds and animals in an urban growth corridor. This project seeks to create a legacy for the Sunbury Township through targeted weed control and re-establishment of a Plains Grassy Woodland habitat across Mount Holden. The project team will also contribute to expanding the extent and quality of native vegetation along nearby creeks and vegetation corridors.

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