Green Army Police Check Applications

Thank you for your interest in the Green Army.

As part of your Green Army Programme application with Conservation Volunteers Australia, you are required to undertake a National Criminal History Check (Police check).

You can apply for a National Criminal History check with us using the CrimCheck online portal.

This is a simple application process where you will need to provide your personal details and identification documents. There is no cost to you for the police check as part of your Green Army application.

If you require assistance in completing this form please call the Green Army team on 1800 032 501.

Please ensure you select ‘Volunteer/ Student’ as the check type when completing the form.

You will not be able to participate in any aspect of the Green Army until you have completed a police check.

Completing a police check does not mean your Green Army application has been successful. We will contact you if your Green Army application has been shortlisted.

Quick tips for completing your check

In preparation to complete this check you will require:

  • 5 years worth of residential address history
  • In order to have parts of your identification verified online you will need to supply 2 or more of the following:
    • Australian Drivers Licence
    • Australian Passport
    • Australian Visa
    • Medicare Card
    • Australian Citizenship Certificate

As part of the online check, you are able to submit your identification online using the ‘Green ID’ option. This is the simplest way to complete your check by entering your document numbers online, with no need to supply copies to CVA. In order to use the “Green ID” check to have your identity verified online make sure to select the check box on the Confirm and Pay screen as per the below screenshot. There is no cost to you to complete the check or use Green ID.

CrimCheck Confirm and Pay Screenshot

You will be required to submit 100 points of ID. If this cannot be reached as above you will need to submit certified copies of the remaining ID either in person to your local Conservation Volunteers Regional Office or via email as directed by CrimCheck. You will receive an email stating what ID can be used after you have submitted your check. Do not reply to the CrimCheck email.

Important notes when completing your check:

  • In the ‘Type’ of check section on the first page, please select Volunteer/Student
  • Reason for Conducting Check: Green Army Participant
  • Don’t forget to select the check box to have your ID verified online

Apply Now for a Green Army Police Check

Frequently Asked Questions

A National Criminal History Check is a point in time check of an individual’s criminal history. It utilises a database that comprises of the records of all Australian Police jurisdictions including the Australian Federal Police.

A National Criminal History Check can also be referred to as:

  • Police Check
  • National Police Check
  • National Police History Check
  • National Criminal History Check
  • National Criminal Record Check

A National Criminal History check may include:

  • Pending matters awaiting court hearing
  • Charges
  • Court convictions – including any penalty or sentence
  • Findings of guilt with no conviction
  • Good behaviour bonds or other court orders

We use CrimCheck to undertake police checks for the Green Army programme.

You can find out more about CrimCheck here.

No, there is no cost to you for completing a police check with us as part of your application for the Green Army programme.

You will be presented with a screen titled ‘Confirm and Pay’ when completing the form. Please check the box for Green ID and continue past this screen to enter your identification information. You will not be required to enter any payment details and you will not be charged. There is no cost to complete this check.

CVA will pay for the police check as part of your application.

To complete a police check you will need to provide information relating to

  • your name (and any previous names if you have any)
  • five years of recent addresses
  • contact phone number/s and
  • copies of identification to verify your identity, this can include
    • Driver Licence
    • Passport
    • Medicare Card

To submit and apply for a police check as part of your Green Army application, click the ‘Apply Now for a Green Army Police Check’ button below.

You will be redirected to the CrimCheck online portal where you can submit your details for a police check.

Apply Now for a Green Army Police Check

  1. Select ‘Apply Now for a Green Army Police Check’. This will open the Self Service Police Check web portal
  2. Read the instructions and select ‘Yes’ to begin a police check application
  3. On the ‘Enter your details’ page complete the form as follows
    1. Select ‘Volunteer/ Student’ as the type of check
    2. Enter ‘Green Army Participant’ as the reason for conducting the check
    3. Enter your personal details as required, including your name (and previous names if any), birth details,  contact details, residential address history for the last five years
    4. Select ‘Submit’
  4. On the ‘Confirm and Pay’ screen, check the box for ‘Green ID Online Identity Verification’ – you will not be charged for the check. There is no cost to you.
  5. You will now be asked to enter details of your identification to verify your identity. You will need to provide the details of two or more from the following documents. If you do not have these, skip this step and continue with the application. You will need to then contact Conservation Volunteers Australia to complete the check.
    1. Drivers Licence
    2. Australian Passport
    3. Medicare Card
    4. ImmiCard
    5. Australian Visa
  6. You will now receive a reference code confirming your check has been lodged for processing.  Please take note of this code.

Conservation Volunteers Australia will contact you if further details are required.

A charge or conviction of a crime will not necessarily prevent appointment as a participant on the Green Army.

Factors such as your age at the time of offense, type of offense, how long ago the offense was committed, and rehabilitation will be taken into account in determining suitability for appointment to the Green Army programme.

Apply Now for a Green Army Police Check