The Kimberly, Western Australia

Conservation Volunteering Projects in Western Australia

Image courtesy of Tourism Australia.

Perth has more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia, and Perth airport is the gateway for Conservation Volunteers Australia’s programs in the southern half of this great State. Western Australia is famous for its long days of sunshine, blue skies and brilliant beaches, with over 12,000 kilometres of crystal-clear coastline. There are more than 70 national parks and marine parks, and countless State forest recreation sites, covering an area of more than 20 million hectares. For those seeking some outback experiences, our office in Broome offers projects throughout the dry season (May to October) when days are generally fine with temperatures in the vicinity of mid 20’s to low 30’s. Humidity levels are low and the skies are a deep blue that stretches out for miles, with hardly a cloud in the sky.

Start from CVA’s offices in Perth or Broome.

Examples of projects in Western Australia include:

  • Shark Bay was listed as a World Heritage Property area in 1991, due to its outstanding examples of unique flora and fauna. Located within the Francois Peron National Park, volunteers help with a variety of conservation activities including, erosion control and dune restoration, removal of barriers to encourage wildlife movement and maintenance of the wildlife breeding pens at the Peron Captive Breeding Centre.
  • At Swan Estuary Marine Park, volunteers assist rangers with rehabilitation of the Swan Estuary Marine Park and adjacent Nature Reserves at Pelican Point. These reserves are important for providing shelter, breeding and feeding grounds to local and migratory birds and contain remnant native vegetation in the vicinity of Perth city.
  • At the City of Belmont CVA volunteers help to enhance biodiversity and provide habitat for native flora within Belmont. In particular, the wetland planting at Centenary Park helps to stabilise the banks of the lake, improve water quality, create habitat for water birds and increase biodiversity in the wetland.
  • In Broome, our office concentrates on turtle projects, with a range of other conservation activities. Volunteers enjoy tracking and monitoring turtles, as well as helping protect and restore some of Western Australia’s great outback Parks and Reserves.
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