Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Conservation Volunteering Projects in South Australia

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South Australia is the driest State in the driest inhabited continent on earth! With over 20% of South Australia protected in Parks and Reserves, there’s plenty of opportunity to spot wildlife on outback projects, or enjoy more urban projects in the beautiful city of Adelaide – CVA’s programs take place across the State, and can include outback or urban projects, depending when volunteers arrive. With generous boulevards and elegant architecture, Adelaide offers the perfect opportunity for weekends exploring the city – try arts and culture, enjoy a day at the beach, or explore Adelaide’s shops and café culture. South Australia has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm dry summers. Very hot conditions can be experienced during summer, especially in the northern parts of the State, such as the Flinders Ranges and Outback regions. With much of these regions being desert, the days can be extremely hot, however the nights can be quite cold.

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Examples of projects in South Australia include:

  • Brookfield Conservation Park is managed by Conservation Volunteers Australia, and we offer regular projects there. The gently undulating limestone country is an ideal habitat for the Hairy-nosed Wombat, Fat-tailed Dunnart and Red Kangaroo which share the park with prolific bird life including the rare Stone Curlew, Ground Cuckoo Shrikes and Australian Owlet Nightjars. Projects include gathering base data on wombat holes, helping to remove invasive Onion Weeds, and collecting seeds for future revegetation projects.
  • Patawalonga Creek Restoration Program is a successful long-running program in the suburbs.   Part of the Patawalonga Creek runs through the grounds of Adelaide Airport. This site is an important refuge for aquatic life including tortoises, frog and waterbirds and includes the last stand of Melalueca in the area, plus a significant species of bluebush.  Conservation volunteers and the Friends of Patawalonga Creek have been restoring the creek through seed collecting, planting, weed control and surveys. . This site has had fantastic changes over the years.
  • CVA also offers a range of urban and semi-urban activities to protect and restore the Adelaide environment and beaches.
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