Conservation Volunteers offers Naturewise Eco Escapes, where you get to conserve wildlife and explore some of Australia’s beautiful natural areas.

Naturewise Eco Escapes provide unique and exclusive opportunities to experience natural areas, national parks and protected reserves, while supporting wildlife conservation across Australia. Make a difference as you travel, meet like-minded travellers and immerse yourself in nature.

All-inclusive, small group eco escapes range from one day to two-week adventures led by local experts and park rangers. Choose from a range of experiences to suit your fitness, interests and travel preferences – from softer style eco-tours with little active contribution to conservation, through to more active hands-on voluntours where conservation or research activities which typically make up 50-70% of the trip. Your remaining time is spent touring local surrounds, wildlife viewing, guided walks, specialist tours, educational talks and visiting National Parks.

No experiences is necessary – all you need is an interest in nature, a willingness to get involved, have lots of fun and meet new people!

Our tourism and conservation award winning programs are ECO Certified by Ecotourism Australia.

Visit Naturewise Eco Escapes website to see upcoming holidays.

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